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About Us

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We are the Caltech Branch of Shorinji Kempo. There are n number Branches of Shorinji Kempo in the United States of America. While there are not many branches in the US there are hundreds in Japan. We try our best to stay true to the principles and philosophy of Shorinji Kempo both in and out of the dojo.

We're a pretty relaxed, friendly group outside of the dojo. Most of us are studets or other members of the Caltech community, and we often gather and have fun on and off campus. Such gatherings are what has been shown to us by our Sensei and his Sensei before him as ways to express and share opinions and ideas about techniques, philosophy, or how classes are going.

We are trying our best to pass on the traditions of Shorinji Kempo as truely as we can. We are students of Uekuma Sensei of the Southbay Branch. To read more about his and our branch history read the history page.

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