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Caltech Branch History

Dana Darbi started learning Shroinji Kempo in San Diego under Kawamata-sensei while attending school there. When graduate school brought him to Caltech he continued practicing in the Los Angeles Dojo under Yamamori-sensei

He studied there under Yamamori-sensei for a little over a year and then met Uekuma-sensei at a study session in 1993. Later that year Dana took the role as branch master of Caltech with Uekuma-sensei coaching and leading the newly formed branch. Dana Dabiri remained Branch Master until he left California in 2001 at which point Meyer Pesenson became branch master.

When Uekuma-sensei decided to open up the South Bay branch in 199#, Sean Mauch became captain of Caltech Branch. Sean has studied extensivly under Uekuma-sensei and still practices with him at South Bay Branch 3 times a week. Today Sean does the majority of the instructing at Caltech branch with Uekuma-sensei teaching periodically (Sundays).

Uekuma-sensei learned under Yamamori-sensei of Los Angeles Branch; consequently there is a strong relationship between the Caltech, South Bay, and Los Angeles Branches. Annual events together include public demonstrations during Nissei week and New Year celebrations held in Little Tokyo, downtown LA.


Yamamori-sensei learned at the Betsuin Dojo in Kyoto where Kaiso tought two weeks per month. Sensei Yamamori's close friend and sempai there was Morikawa-sensei (Currently: Seihanshi 7 dan, Doin-cho i Rakuto Doin Kyoto). Both these sensei are responsible greatly for the spread of Shorinji Kempo and are widely respected.

Kaiso is the title given to Doshin So which roughly translates as: founder. For more on Kaiso and how he founded Shorinji Kempo click here.

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