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This is a nice collection of Shorinji Kempo images which could make nice desktop wallpapers. There are images found from other websites in addition to images taken by and of Caltech and South Bay Branches.


This is a collection of audio files are recordings of Toshiya Agata (a Kenshi of Southbay Branch) reciting the Chinkon. Each segment is slowly and at a regular speed to help those whom have a hard time learning Japanese. These files are helpful for those Enlgish speakers who practice at dojos which use the Japanese versions or wish to visit Japan.

Embu rules

A quick summary of the new embu rules for the 2005 Shorinji Kempo International Taikai in Fukui held on October 9-10.


English and Japanese versions. These are recited at each practice.

Shorinji Kempo for Caltech Credit

If you are a student at Caltech, you may practice Shorinji Kempo and recive PE credit. Included is a guide to enrolling and taking such a class.

"Things Sensei Says"

A collection of the "Things Sensei Says" emails. Please note I do not write about interesting points of philosophy, or anything Sensei says which has any importance (for this you should attend South Bay Practice and listen to his hoa). I focus on onomatopoetic expression and common words or turns of phrase he uses which are sometimes difficult to find in a dictionary.


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