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World Shorinji Kempo Organization (WSKO)

Hombu (WSKO Headquarters) [English]

Hombu (WSKO Headquarters) [Japanese]

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North American Shorinji Kempo Branches

Alabama Branch
Alberta Branch
Ann Arbor Branch
Berkeley Branch
Hollywood Branch
New York City Branch
San Francisco Branch
Shorinji Kempo in British Columbia
San Diego Branch
Silicon Valley Branch
South Bay Branch
Toronto Branch
Vancouver Branch
Westminster Branch
World Bank Shorinji Kempo
Yorkville Branch (formerly Eglington)

Note: Here is a complete list of official WSKO Branches

Other Shorinji Kempo Federations / Branches

Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation
Shorinji Kempo Gothenburg Branch
Shorinji Kempo Paris
Shorinji Kempo Fukushima Federation Japan
Shorinji Kempo Batam Indonesia
Shorinji Kempo SHOKEMA Branch
Shorinji Kempo Amsterdam
Shorinji Kempo New Zealand
Shorinji Kempo Club Messina Centro Branch
Shorinji Kempo Karlstad Shibu - Sweden
Shorinji Kempo Australia
Kenseikai, Tokyo university
Bristol University Shorinji Kempo Club

Note: Here is a complete list of official WSKO Branches

WSKO North America West Study Session 2003 (Aug 30 - Sep 1)

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Shorinjikempo by Richard Killion

Interview with Kuramoto-sensei from Hollywood Dojo

Interview with Yamamori-sensei from Los Angeles Dojo

Study Resources

Online Study Resources (courtesy of Seattle Branch)
Shorinji Kempo Japanese Words and Phrases (courtesy of Neal Ziring)
Neal Ziring's Shorinji Kempo Page

Abbreviated Technique Requirements organized by Javier Soliz and animated by Keijiro Hayashi.

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