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Meet the people


Branch Master:
Meyer Pesenson

Meyer Pesenson became branch master in 2002. Meyer works in infrared astronomy and deals with images which are coming from space-born telescopes.

Sensei Tetsuyasu Uekuma

Uekuma Sensei is the father of the Caltech Branch. He started teaching at Caltech in 1993 at the request of Dana Dabiri, who was a postdoc at Caltech at the time. Uekuma Sensei was a student of Yamamori Sensei of the Los Angeles dojo and continues the proud tradition of passing on the true spirit of Shorinji Kempo. One of his sayings, that everyone loves, is simply "Keep-continue." Over time you will come to understand what this means.


Mitsuko Cude

Mitsuko was one of Uekuma Sensei's first students. She is an accountant and has many clients. Ask her about women's self-defence techniques and she'll show you a thing or two (but don't say I didn't warn you).

Colette Caggiano

I lived in Japan July 1991-Aug 1992. Started practice in 1991 in Kaseda-shi withAyukawa Toshihiko Sensei. Upon return the the States, visited dojo in (Boyle Heights?) L.A. in September 1992, but didn't join because it as too far without a car. Visited Japan and Kaseda dojo in September 2003 with Paul. Accidentally discovered the Caltech dojo because a flyer made it into Paul's mailbox, and he recognized shorinji kempo, and brought the notice home. Upside Down!

Shaun Philip Lee (3rd Kyu)

Shaun. Since there are two of them this one is known as "San-Kyu-Shaun." With the Caltech crowd this name will probably stick with him until well into his Dan examinations. Shaun studies Electical and Computer Engineering as an undergraduate at Caltech.

Javier's Partner.

Jey Giuliano

I began practicing Shorinji Kempo in Sept 2003 with the Caltech Branch.  I'm a financial administrator for the Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Caltech.  Have worked for Caltech/JPL for 19 years.  I'm a graduate of the University of San Diego.  I'm also a musician: have played drums, flute, and piano for 30 years.  Other interests include swimming and surfing.  I live in Pasadena with my beautiful wife, Abby,  and daughter, Roxi.  I'm 43 years old.


Michael W. Burnett

"Mike," as we like to call him, brings with him some Judo attacks which are fun to test your Juho against. When he's got ahold of you, He won't let go easily. Mike likes to study and take advanced financial exams.

Anna Abelin

Anna is from Sweden and she is currently doing a one-year project at the Biology department. She started with karate back home but after trying Shorinji kempo she fell in love with it both theoretically and personally and has happily stuck with it ever since.

Former members still warmly remembered

Sean Mauch (3rd Dan)

Sean practiced at Caltech from 1994 to 2014.

John Lin (2nd Dan)

John started with Caltech Branch when he was an undergraduate. He worked in economics and social sciences and programed many of the SSEL experiments which Caltech undergraduates know and love as moeny making games. John became a staff member but recently left us to further his study at the University of Michigan. He plans to practice with Ann Arbor branch.

Elijah Bodhi Sansom (1st Dan)

Bodhi is a graduate student in BioEngineering. He's been practicing for a while and knows a lot. He's known for his DJ skills and cell phone "baby." Ask him about music and/or the biomechanics of Shorinji Kempo techniques.

Cynthia Collins (1st Dan)

Cynthia is a graduate student in Biochemistry and molecular Biophysics and has been practicing with Caltech for about three years. There are some pretty cool pictures of her throwing Sean with Uwa-uke-nage on one of the WSKO branch reports on the hombu web page. Check it out.

Nitzan Roth (2nd Kyu)

Nitzan was an undergraduate at Caltech and majored in Math; we've yet too see her much since she started her M.D./Ph.D. at USC and Caltech. Since she's now in medical school, there's not much time to beat on people when she's busy healing them.

Keng Hee Yeo (3rd Kyu)

"Yeo" studied with Caltech as an undergraduate in Mathematics when he realized what he really wanted to do was open a buisiness. Since the Math he did here at Caltech was about a million times more advanced than anything you would need for business, he left Caltech to start his career in Singapore, where he plans to continue Shorinji Kempo.

Anthony Gross

'Tony" is an undergraduate who studies with Caltech Shorinji Kempo and Fencing. Since we use the same space you'll see him doing one or the other. He majors in Physics and does research out of town over the summers.

Javier Soliz (3rd Kyu)

Me! I'm an undergraduate at Caltech majoring in Engineering and Applied science (I'm interested in Biomedical Engineering, but alas there's no such undergrad major at Caltech). I really like Shorinji Kempo and suggest you try it. I'm also the author of this web page. Email me if there are any problems.

Shaun's Partner.

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